VirtualClinic can help you integrate blood work into your practice with little or no overheads.

Even practitioners who see a high volume of patients have used this simple, step-by-step process to understand, implement and market health using blood work as a functional approach in their own communities.

VirtualClinic offers you the choice of purchasing labs at a greatly discounted rate, you can also choose to include the blood reports with graphs and historical tracking for your patients and customize the portal for your own website and patients.


Wholesale Lab Pricing

  • Save money on lab testing
  • Reduce paperwork and follow-up stress
  • Order Labs in a seamless, integrated manner
  • Offer patients a comprehensive blood workup at an affordable price
  • Pass savings onto your patients
  • Build a second and significant revenue stream
  • Choose from our pre-defined lab packages or create your own custom lab profile


No fee to access the wholesale blood work.

An easy-to-use interface, especially created keeping your needs in mind.
Ordering labs has never been more simple, cost-effective and swift.

Bio-Lab Reports

Key Features

  • Researched and evidence-based analysis to help guide your protocol decisions
  • Graphical, color-coded summaries so you don’t miss anything important
  • Progress tracking, so your patients can observe their improvements and/or see what adjustments are needed, as it tracks changes of each lab value from each previous lab tests
  • Easy-to-understand language so your patients aren’t intimidated or over-whelmed
  • Generate condition-specific prevention and disease management programs


Lets you know exactly what your patients need to maximize their health and vitality, as it provides personalized data based on each person’s unique biochemistry through an industry-first blood panel, that allows for predictive health parameters for disease prevention. 

Blood Reports

Quickly and accurately assess your patients’ biochemical burdens

Patient Portal

Greatly improve patient compliance


Identify the nutritional needs of your patients and develop effective, science-based protocols for dramatic clinical results

Nutritional Ketosis

  • Patients can enter their own ketosis data
  • User-friendly interface
  • Results show in a table and as graphs
  • Access, edit, update or print reports
  • Track your patients ketotic progress in real-time
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Save time!