Diagnostic Solutions...

for the Non-Traditional Practitioner!

My vision is to lock arms with local health practitioners to make them the STAR in their zip code!” 

~ Kayur Patel, MD, MRO, FACP

Founder Virtual Clinic

Diagnostic Solutions...

for the Non-Traditional Practitioner!

“The medical system is not broken, it is dysfunctional.” – Kayur Patel, MD, MRO, FACP.
Dr. Patel had a vision decades ago for a health care model where access was not limited by licensure and where all health practitioners worked together for the optimal health of the patient! That vision is now a reality with Virtual Clinic and we continue to grow this vision every day as we partner with health practitioners around the country.
Providing access at very affordable prices to support functional health practitioners as they help their patients achieve optimal health!

Many Labs...One Portal! What is your next step?

All types of Health Practitioners are welcomed!


Order traditional blood chemistry as well as a variety of functional tests – all in one place!

Receive all tests and patient/client results in one easy, HIPAA compliant location – the Virtual Clinic Portal.

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Serve More People!

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