About Us

Virtual Clinic began nearly a decade ago from the vision of an Emergency Room doctor who saw the future of healthcare, telemedicine, and the importance of ALL health practitioners working together for the good of the individual – regardless of licensure or specialty. 

With a Functional foundation, Virtual Clinic continues to bring to like-minded practitioners a well-rounded offering to support the whole person.

VirtualClinic can help you integrate both traditional blood chemistry labs as well as a growing list of Functional partner labs into your practice with no overhead and no inventory (unless you want it.)

VirtualClinic offers you, whether licensed or non-licensed Clinician a wealth of resources:

  • The opportunity of purchasing labs at a greatly discounted rate
  • Choose to include the blood reports with graphs and historical tracking for your patients.
  • Not only diagnostic solutions, but an expanding list of partners for services
  • A growing list of partnerships for specialty and high quality nutraceuticals to support your practice and your patients/clients.