When Young Boys Smoke: More Body Fat In Granddaughters, Great Granddaughters

The group’s 2014 report on more than 14,000 individuals showed that sons of fathers who had started smoking regularly before puberty (<13 years) had increased fat mass during childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood...mdedge.com, Legacy from young boys’ smoking: More body fat in granddaughters, great granddaughters, Marilynn Larkin, Feb 2022

Next Variant Could Be More Transmissible Than Omicron, WHO Says

“Omicron will not be the last variant that you will hear us talking about,” Maria Van Kerkhove, PhD, the WHO’s technical lead on COVID-19, said Jan. 25. “The next variant of concern will be more fit, and what we mean by that is it will be more transmissible, because it will have to overtake what is currently circulating.”…beckershospitalreview.com, Erica Carbajal, January 26th, 2022

Preschool Boys’ Behaviors Traced Back to Moms’ Thyroid Hormones

Previous studies have reported that during pregnancy, maternal subclinical hypothyroidism (elevated TSH with normal FT4) as well as isolated hypothyroxinemia (decreased FT4 with normal TSH) are associated with adverse maternal and child outcomes, including preterm delivery and low birth weight. However, most studies have not determined maternal thyroid hormone levels in different trimesters….mdedge.com, Preschool boys’ […]

Defence Verdict in An Alleged Med-Mal Case of Hip Infection

In March 2016, plaintiff Scott Breegle, a man in his 50s, learned that he was suffering from a multi-joint infection that had caused necrosis of his colon. He required removal of the infected area of the colon…law.com, Doctor Rejected Blame for Spread of Patient’s Infection, VerdictSearch, 2021 Breegle claimed that the infection reached the colon […]

COVID Affects Executive Functioning in Young to Middle-age Adults

Researchers, led by Peter A. Hall, PhD, with the University of Waterloo (Ont.), found that COVID infection is associated with executive dysfunction among young and middle-aged adults, including for those not exposed to intubation or hospitalization, according to new data published on the preprint server medRxiv.… mdedge.com, COVID affects executive functioning in young to middle-age […]

Impact of Intermittent Fasting on Obesity-Related Health Outcomes

Intermittent fasting (IF) has recently gained much public interest as a weight loss approach. IF is a unique dietary strategy defined as periods of eating alternated with periods of not eating (fasting). IF focuses on when food is consumed and total quantity consumed… jamanetwork.com, Intermittent Fasting and Obesity-Related Health Outcomes, Chanthawat Patikorn, PharmD, MSc1; Kiera […]

Ketamine Therapy Is Going Mainstream. Are We Ready?

Clinicians at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center had been studying LSD and other psychedelics since the early nineteen-fifties, beginning at a related institution, the Spring Grove Hospital Center. But ketamine was new…newyorker.com, Ketamine Therapy Is Going Mainstream. Are We Ready? Emily Witt, 2021 In the fall of 1972, a psychiatrist named Salvador Roquet travelled from […]

Can COVID-19 Promote Tumor Development in Patients With Cancer?

The current findings could help to explain the observed worse outcomes in patients with cancer infected with SARS-CoV-2, particularly in those with hematologic malignancies, and suggest the need for increased vigilance of patients as part of the ongoing follow-up of COVID-19… medscape.com, COVID-19 May Promote Tumor Development in Patients With Cancer, Liam Davenport, 2021 Cancer-related […]

Biomarker Underutilization Means Missed Opportunities in Cancer

“Testing rates lag behind clinical guidelines and advancements in the field,” according to a white paper from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) and the LUNGevity Foundation, preventing “cancer patients from receiving therapies that could [improve] outcomes,” the authors write… medscape.com, Biomarker Underutilization Means Missed Opportunities in Cancer, M. Alexander Otto, MMS, […]

Overweight People More Likely to Develop Severe Covid-19

Now researchers have found that the coronavirus infects both fat cells and certain immune cells within body fat, prompting a damaging defensive response in the body…nytimes.com, The Coronavirus Attacks Fat Tissue, Scientists Find, Roni Caryn Rabin. 2021 The research has not yet been peer-reviewed or published in a scientific journal, but it was posted online […]