Numbers Numbers Numbers!?

WHERE do you begin?! Ironically, before my position here at Virtual Clinic, I was in the same place that perhaps you are…I would look at my client’s lab results and silently pull my hair out. I knew there was really important information in there, but where do I begin and what DO all the numbers […]

Personalized Health

Today is National DNA Day!  National DNA Day is an annual, global celebration of the discovery of the DNA double helix structure. This year is extra special! People across the world on April 25, 2023 will commemorate both the 20th anniversary of the Human Genome Project’s completion and the 70th anniversary of the discovery of […]

Virtual Clinic 2.0 is coming!

Nearly a decade ago, Dr. Kayur Patel, Board Certified ER Medicine had a dream. I have heard him share his dream so many times and it’s time we hared it with you. As an ER doc, he has seen the growing increase of chronic health issues and knew that the 1 million licensed MDs & […]