Frequently Asked Questions and Testimonials

Below are some of our Frequently Asked Questions as well as testimonials from a few of our Clinicians.

If you still have a question after reviewing these, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email on the Contact Us page.

  • Virtual Clinic provides easy access to a host of lab partners all in one location.
  • Virtual Clinic offers consults for questions about lab results of your clients.
  • Virtual Clinic supports you to grow your practice with other practice-building partners.
  • With our partners, patients/clients have labs collected anywhere in the country and many of our lab partners will drop-ship directly to their doorstep.
  • Predictive analytics software that places the most pathological lab results at the top of the list.
  • All your patient’s/client’s results in one easy, secure, and HIPAA complaint Portal.
  • Graph and chart health progress of variety of key factors.

Negotiated rates are dramatically lower due to our volume of orders placed providing you immediate revenue opportunity.

Virtual Clinic is not a “program” but a resource to support you and your practice so that you have easy access to a wide range of biological markers’ tests.

YOU are the value that your patients/clients receive. Virtual Clinic is simply a resource to support you in your programs. Inside your Portal account, you can see standard retail pricing for tests next to your highly discounted rate we offer allowing you to incorporate testing as it fits with your practice model and state regulations. 

Virtual Clinic is a resource to support you as you walk alongside your patient/client in their health goals. We are here to support you in growing your practice as you help more people. Our Clinical team is available to consult with you on difficult cases or challenging lab results and our educational webinars allow you to continue to dive deep into understand various tests. Access to testing is a win-win-win for all and requires no “marketing / sales!”  Your patients/clients are already seeking them!

Reviewing lab results with your patient/client is easily incorporated into your existing work with your patient/client and requires no extra time. Results automatically show up in your portal once completed and you’ll receive an email or text when new results are available. 

Today, most individuals already know the value of assessments and tests. When measuring markers of any type are already part of your practice and philosophy, there is no persuading necessary. We just allow you easy access.

Some of our Clinicians do offer phlebotomy draw services in their office, but most use a local Labcorp draw site so there is no time out of your normal workday and current services.  

  • Potential profit margins on lab orders
  • Access to our Consulting Clinicians
  • Educational videos and webinars
  • Training videos: Most common lab results and how to understand them
  • Analytics, color-coded and trend charting reporting
  • Ability to upload historical labs and other important patient/client information
  • Easy re-ordering button
  • Access to hundreds of tests and over a dozen lab partners (and growing)
  • Other educational resources to help grow your practice and educate you on various modalities.

You or your office staff may place orders.

Lab orders are generated by you, the Clinician and our customer. We support you and never want to come between you and your patient/client without your permission and knowledge.

Virtual Clinic is proud to offer full electronic integration with Labcorp.

Once the order is placed, it is immediately sent to the Labcorp database and ready for your patient/client’s arrival at a draw site.

Non-Labcorp lab partners will drop-ship collection kits usually within 24-48 hours (weekend excluded)

The process is simple:

  • Clinician places order through secure portal
  • Order is immediately sent to  Lab partner
  • Confirmation email sent to Clinician
  • Clinician may or may not choose to print or email a copy of the Requisition to the patient/client
  • Patient/Client make appointment (when necessary) for sample collection
  • For home-collections, patient/client is shipped collection kit to complete at home
  • At the draw site, patient’s/client’s sample is collected
  • Sample is sent to testing lab
  • Results are finalized and reports are automatically sent back to the Virtual Clinic portal
  • Email and/or text notification is sent to you, the Clinician
  • You review with your patient/client
  • Our Clinical Consultants are available for you for any questions. 

We do not accept insurance at this time. 

Our portal currently has hundreds of individual markers and panels available from Labcorp as well as a dozen other functional lab partners for specific needs.

Our offerings are growing constantly and we are always happy to add a marker and/or lab partner at the request of our Clinician.

It’s FREE!  We have given you the ability to create your own “Custom Panel” right inside your Portal. It’s super easy!

There is no cost for a basic Virtual Clinic account; however, if you’d like to upgrade to a “VIP” account with access to more resources, trainings, and in-depth consults, we do offer this at a nominal monthly fee. Reach out for details. 

Virtual Clinic’s vision was to support all health practitioners. Contact us with questions. 

Labcorp does not currently draw for Canada individuals; however, we do have other Lab partners who will work with individuals in Canada and outside the US. Please call with specific cases. New York is also on a case-by-case basis, please call for additional information.