Frequently Asked Questions

  • Virtual visits are an additional revenue stream
  • Telephone consults about lab results are an additional revenue stream
  • Virtual Clinic physicians are available for your questions about lab interpretations
  • No waiting rooms
  • No traveling to appointment
  • No missed days of work
  • Patients can have labs collected anywhere in the country, near home, near their job or even on vacation at the closest LabCorp Testing Center
  • Predictive analytics software that places the most pathological labs results on top of list
  • Direct access to online medical records
  • Graph and chart health progress (weight, blood sugar, cholesterol)

Our negotiated rates are already drastically lower because of our volume of covered lives.
Your revenue opportunity is immediate.

As a comparison, we allow you to see the standard retail price for tests along with the highly discounted rates that we offer you, upwards of 75%.
This creates a substantial profit margin for you to set prices as you determine.

Virtual Clinic will provide the following resources to engage your patient/client:

  • Emails addressed from you to your patients advertising the “Virtual” arm of your business
  • Brochures customized to your practice
  • Step-by-step guide on how to educate your patients and office staff on Virtual Medicine
  • Road-side consult with our physicians for your challenging lab results
  • Our advertising team will evaluate your website site design for usability, speed, security, content, search engine optimization

Patients can access their lab results for free online.
Additionally, many practitioners offer a for-fee telephone consult to discuss lab interpretations with patients.

We offer patient education and evaluation forms to distribute in your office.

You can stop drawing labs in your clinic.
Your patients can to go to their closest LabCorp testing center and have their blood drawn.

  • Higher profit margins on lab orders
  • Online Access to our physicians
  • Patient portal access
  • Marketing video tailored to your clinic
  • Training Videos: “Most common lab results and how to interpret them”
  • Analytics, color-coded and trend charting software
  • Ability to upload historical labs and records

You or your office Virtual Clinic Representative may input the orders.

Although patients have access to their lab results, they are unable to order their own labs.
The lab recommendations must come from the clinician.

Virtual Clinic will manage the following:

  • Ordering
  • Interpretation

Once LabCorp generates the results, they are uploaded through an interface that uploads the results directly into our portal.
The patient and the clinician will then have access to the results through our portal.
An email will be sent to the clinician letting them now that the results are ready to view.

The Process:

  • Clinician enters the lab order into their portal
  • Clinician chooses the patient
  • Clinician makes the payment for the order
  • A confirmation email is sent to the clinician from Virtual Clinic
  • A requisition form is automatically created
  • Clinician prints and/or emails the requisition form
  • The clinician advises their patient, they must take the requisition form into the draw site as they must have an order from the clinician
  • Patients labs are drawn
  • Blood is processed by LabCorp
  • LabCorp directly uploads the results into system through our interface
  • Clients receive an email letting them know their labs are ready to view

We do not accept insurance at the moment.

Twenty-Two profiles are currently offered, along with a variety of add – ons that can cater to the patients’ needs.
Based on your needs, you can contact us for any additional tests that you would like added to the portal.

We create a profile tailored to your practice for free.