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VirtualClinic can help you integrate blood work into your practice with little or no overheads.

Whether you see a few or many patients each day, all types of practitioners have used this simple, all-inclusive portal to implement and encourage optimal health with their patients using blood work as a functional approach in their own communities.

Whether you are seeking a better way to capitalize on blood labs in their practice or looking for a turn-key solution, VirtualClinic is your answer!

VirtualClinic offers you:

  • Easy lab integration for Direct Primary Care model (DPC)
  • A solution for patients with high deductible plans
  • A solution for “Cash” patients
  • Potential new stream of income for your practice
  • Easy partnership with Labcorp at wholesale prices
  • Access to additional Functional Lab Partners (below)
  • Functional Health Report
  • Wide range of nutraceuticals – coming soon
  • …AND…YOUR State Osteopathic Association receives a percentage of all purchases
  • Win-Win-Win

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Meet Our Lab Partners!

Wholesale pricing on traditional blood markers

DUTCH – Gold standard for functional hormone testing

Offering Neurotransmitter and heavy metal testing

GI Map for effective functional stool testing

Genetic, Epigenetic, and Pharmacogenomic testing

Leading micronutrient testing with saliva

Only oral COVID-19 Antibody test available

Saliva hormone & urinary neurotransmitter testing

DNA & science-based turn-key weight loss program

COVID-19 PCR testing and cutting-edge toxicology

Brain Healthy Life. Personalized plans 

Wholesale Lab Pricing

Easy-to-use interface.

Ordering labs has never been more simple & cost-effective!

Keeping your needs in mind.

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Functional Health Reports

Know exactly what your patient needs to maximize their health and vitality. Provides personalized data based on each person’s unique biochemistry through an industry-first blood panel, that allows for predictive health parameters for disease prevention.

Blood Reports

Quickly and accurately assess your patients’ biochemical burdens

Patient Portal

Greatly improve patient compliance


Identify the nutritional needs of your patients and develop effective, science-based protocols for dramatic clinical results

*** Set up a quick call with Suzie (208-890-6327) to get set up or send an email with button above! ***