Chief Medical Officer

A national speaker on the subject of quality in healthcare, Dr. Patel is a nationally-renowned thought leader who has dedicated his work to improving health outcomes through innovation in patient engagement, access to care, and community leadership.  Dr. Patel is an experienced physician with more than 25 years of practice and leadership roles in internal medicine, emergency medicine, and occupational health. His forte lies in aligning physicians and hospital leaderships for successfully converting the challenges of healthcare reforms into opportunities for the community, physicians, and hospitals. 

A result-oriented business and healthcare leader, Dr. Patel is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, American College of Physician Executives, American College of Healthcare Executives, and American College of Emergency Physicians.

Trevor Miller, D.C., IFMCP, CFMP, L.Ac.

Clinical Consultant

Dr. Miller was driven to dig deeper into nutrition, supplementation, functional and integrative health through the lens of his two special needs daughters. They both have been diagnosed at Riley with mitochondrial disorder. When Zoe was a baby, Dr. Miller had already started working with Dr. Ryan Bentley, MD, DC, PhD (one of the founders of VirtualClinic.MD.) Together, they developed a lab-based protocol (Organic Acids Test) for the girls to treat their mitochondrial disease. This was in 1997 and Zoe was only given until age 12-13 to live. Dr. Miller and his wife were told by the neurology specialist from Riley to put her in a wheelchair as she would never run or walk and her life expectancy was so low.  After Zoe started to walk and talk, Riley Hospital began to investigate what Drs. Bentley and Miller were doing for her and to this day, still use a lot of the protocol developed for Zoe. 

Dr. Miller’s formal education started at Palmer University where he had two trimesters of nutrition and nutritional training. The University of Functional Medicine was next in starting to formalize his education in functional medicine. After getting the CFMP, his eyes turned to what everyone sees as the  “Stanford or Harvard of Functional Medicine education…” The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). Completing the three-year program in one year with all the previous experiences.  Dr. Miller  is now one of only 2000 IFM-Certified doctors in the world.  Dr. Miller continues to deepen his knowledge and education with ongoing education to not only serve his clients, patients, and community, but also provide consults to our Virtual Clinic clinicians and will be facilitating our educational workshops beginning soon.

Bryan Luce


A senior business and financial executive experienced in C-Suite and corporate management, mergers & acquisitions, finance, strategic planning, turnarounds and growth strategies.  Bryan has held officer-level positions in start-up  through mid-market companies. 

In addition to his extensive experience in M&A, growth and turnaround strategies, Bryan is an entrepreneur, founding several start-up companies and serving as a mentor and angel investor to dozens of early-stage companies.   Bryan has worked across multiple sectors, including Aviation, Bio-Tech, Clean-tech, Med-tech, Manufacturing, Plastics, Transportation & Logistics, Real Estate, Finance and Technology companies. 

He is a mentor for multiple early-stage Incubators, and programs for NYSERDA, and the Clean Tech Open. Bryan is Certified in lean processes, Sig-Sigma, and project management.

Bryan spent over ten years as a volunteer Paramedic, firefighter, EMS and CPR Instructor. During that time, he was also a volunteer board member and CFO for Northern Oswego County Ambulance and a liaison to the Central New York Emergency Medical Service system. Bryan has been a volunteer mentor for the HOSTS (Helping One Student to Succeed) Program, a Pop Warner Football Coach, and an IAABO & D3 collegiate basketball referee.

Deniece Krebs, CHC, FBWS, CEOC,

VP Operations

For nearly three decades Deniece has focused her attention and initiatives on empowering and developing individuals.  This passion goes back to one of her first jobs while in college when she was involved in training new employees.  Once she embarked on her entrepreneurial path, she provided leadership development to her corporate clients; and most recently to individual Epigenetic Human Performance Coaching to empower individuals in their own health journey by discovering and understanding their unique genetic and epigenetic code – The Code Of YOU!

Over the past decade, she has achieved numerous certifications including: Certified Essential Oils Coach, Certified Health Coach, Certified Epigenetic Human Performance Coach, Certified Detox Specialist, and Certified Functional Blood Work Specialist. She loves learning and passing her learnings on to others to help empower each person to be their best self and live their purpose. Her passion is in genetics and epigenetics and brain health! 

During the recent pandemic, she continued her push to educate individuals to be as healthy as possible to fight this foreign invader just like every other. This journey led her to accept an opportunity as “Project Manager” for a national company, VirtualClinic.MD and now, as VP Operations, she has the distinct honor to help drive the future growth of VirtualClinic.MD using her lifetime of skills to support and educate Clinicians to grow their practices and continue supporting their patients and clients to their optimal health.

Deniece’s foundational belief is from a local respected businessman who said “Tell me all the reasons we CAN” as well as the core belief that applied information empowers and empowerment leads to health.  Teaching others to fish has long been her goal and is energized by this!