Missed Diagnosis Common Source of Malpractice Claims Against PCPs

More PCPs were part of lawsuits that named multiple parties (34%) than suits that named a individual practitioners (11%). Failure to make a proper diagnosis (41%) was the most common claim in malpractice suits against PCPs, followed by poor outcome/disease progression (26%), complications from treatment/surgery (17%), wrongful death (16%), and failure to treat/delayed treatment (16%)…mdedge.com, Marcus A. Banks, Feb 2022

More than 9 in 10 PCPs (91%) reported being “very surprised” or “somewhat surprised” to having been part of a malpractice suit and reported being upset and anxious.

The largest proportions of cases were settled before trial (35%) or were dismissed within a few months of lawsuit filing (16%).

Source: https://www.mdedge.com/familymedicine/article/251405/business-medicine/missed-diagnosis-common-source-malpractice-claims?ecd=WNL_eve_220205_mdedge