Virtual Clinic Staff
Virtual Clinic Staff

No luck needed

Your patient/client’s health is not achieved by luck! It takes planning, education, protocol development, coaching, testing and re-testing to ensure great health.

Your community needs you and when you are ready to add diagnostic solutions to your practice, we are here for you. 

I was talking with a few of our Clinicians recently about re-testing with their client/patients and although one tested like clock-work every 90 days, the other felt not testing until six months after implementing a protocol was more accurate. Both Clinicians had their reasons and I could get on board with both.

The frequency is not as important and the concept of re-testing. I love the way one of our Clinicians put it, blood never lies and by re-testing, I know how compliant they’ve been in their protocol and they know how they are progressing (or aren’t) and can be either an encouragement to keep doing what they’re doing or a deterrent to stop doing what they’re doing. 

Regardless of your timing to re-test, we have implemented an “easy button” to quickly re-order the exact panel you’ve used with a specific client/patient and makes re-ordering a snap!

Get your account today and start using your own “easy button” for testing.