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Today is National DNA Day! 

National DNA Day is an annual, global celebration of the discovery of the DNA double helix structure. This year is extra special! People across the world on April 25, 2023 will commemorate both the 20th anniversary of the Human Genome Project’s completion and the 70th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA double helix. (National Human Genome Research Institute, part of NIH)

Years ago in my professional journey to discover “root cause” of health challenges, I ended up at DNA. I learned then what I know to be fact today is that personalized health is the only way to truly own and work with a client in a personalized protocol. 

For this reason, we knew we wanted to include DNA testing (from a wellness perspective) in our offerings at Virtual Clinic and did we put the various companies through the wringer on comparisons!

Today, in celebration of National DNA Day, we thought it be a good idea to share with you some of the keys we used to unlock our DNA testing partners:

  1. Use of data? – One of the top questions was the security of individuals’ data. The company(s) we work with must comply with this top requirement in that they do not sell or give individual DNA data to other companies. 
  2. Reporting.  Are the reports that our Clinicians and their clients reviewing easy to use, understand, and implement from an actionable perspective?
  3. Wellness vs Disease. We only want to work with DNA companies who are focused on wellness and lifestyle, not searching for specific “disease” genes.  
  4. Education. All the companies we work with must partner with us to help educate our Clinicians. The only way to use tests is if it CAN BE USED.  No need to waste time and money if the information gleaned cannot be applied and used! That often begins by educating our Clinicians. 


There you go! Some of our top criteria for the DNA companies (and all lab partners for the matter) that we work with.  Happy National DNA. If you’ve not gotten your own DNA tested, today’s a great day to order the test and discover your personal “instructional manual!”