We here at Virtual Clinic realize that building a successful practice and supporting your clients and patients in a comprehensive functional model requires more than just tests!  It requires solutions and other service partners. Below are links to those partners who offer unique nutraceuticals as well as therapies and other services to support you and your clients on their optimal health journey. The links below will take you to the partner’s website and you can direct specific questions to them. 

Practice Building Partners

Optimal Health Coaching System

Meet Dr. Russ Rosen - the incredible health practitioner coach who works with our Clinicians to help build their practices.
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Wellspan for Life Marketing

Meet Joel Guerin who has been in the health support space for decades and loves supporting Clinicians to market their businesses to increase clients/patients.
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Sanolgoics - Wound Care for Modern Times

Sanologics is one of Virtual Clinic's partners helping practices add wound care to their practices's offerings.
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Client Support Partners

Activate Metabolic

Activate Metabolic is committed to equipping wellness providers with an effective science-based program and business model that will enable you to help your overweight and obese patients achieve healthy weight loss.
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Impact Sharing

Health Sharing can save money for more than 70% of the U.S. population! See if it's right for you and your family.
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M3 Checklist

Mental health is becoming an epidemic. Designed for primary and specialty care doctors, M3 Checklist fits seamlessly into existing patient EHRs and provides easy to understand results.
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Supplement Partners

The world of supplementation is vast and we know there are many great ones. Below are just a few of our affiliate partners in the unique supplement and nutraceutical space. When you click the link below, you will be taken to their website and all ordering and questions should be directed to them.

Amen Supplements

Dr. Daniel Amen is one of the forerunners in brain health utilizing spect scans and decades of proven success. Now you can incorporate his supplements with your clients.
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Optimal Health System

OHS utilizes whole food ingredients in their supplement formulas and only provides Natural Fruit and Vegetable Vitamins as Supplemental Health at a Cellular Level.
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Transformation Enzymes

Founded in 1991 and still clinically owned and operated, TEC is a leader in mycelial enzyme research using every available resource to stay on the leading edge of clinical nutritional science with 30 years of education and research are pioneers of enzyme nutrition.
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