U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Level Off as Delta Variant Surge Drops

The 7-day average of daily deaths has hovered around 2,000 for more than a week and dropped below 1,900 on Thursday. The trend follows a 2-month climb in deaths as the Delta variant hit unvaccinated populations, particularly in Arkansas, Florida, and Louisiana…U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Level Off as Delta Variant Surge Drops, Carolyn Crist, 2021

Globally, COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to decline, according to a weekly update from the World Health Organization More than 3.3 million new cases and 55,000 new deaths were reported worldwide during the past week, marking a 10% drop in both, as compared to the week before.

The largest decreases in cases were reported in the Middle East, the Western Pacific region, and the Americas, the WHO reported.

Source: https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20211001/us-covid-deaths-level-off-delta-variant-surge-drops